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General Critiques


The Failure of New Economics by Henry Hazlitt

The Critics of Keynesian Economics: A Collection of Essays edited by Henry Hazlitt

A Tiger by the Tail by F.A. Hayek

Hayek's Critique of The General Theory: A New View of the Debate between Hayek and Keynes by David Bas

The Central Fallacy of Keynesian Economics by Robert Mulligan

The Economics of Illusion by L. Albert Hahn

The Misesian Case Against Keynes by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Where Keynes Went Wrong by Hunter Lewis

Dissent on Keynes: Collected works of Austrians on Keynesian Economics edited by Mark Skosen

Why Keynesian Concepts Cannot Be Used to Explain Pre-Keynesian Economic Thought: A Reader’s Guide to Classical Economic Theory by Steven Kates

Keynesianism: Retrospect and Prospect: A Critical Restatement of Basic Economic Principles by W. H. Hutt

Keynes, The Man by Murray Rothbard

Topical Critiques

The Paradox of Saving by F.A. Hayek

The Theory of Idle Resources by W.H. Hutt

How Magical is the Keynesian Multiplier? by Frank Shostak

The Keynesian Multiplier Concept Ignores Crucial Opportunity Costs by William Boyes

Wages, Prices, and the Demand for Money: Keynes Got It All Wrong by Robert Blumen

Keynesian Supply Shocks and Hayekian Secondary Deflations by Lucas Engelhardt

Keynes’s General Theory: A Solution in Search of a Problem by Carlton Smith

Keynes vs Say by Henry Hazlitt

The Critical Flaw in Keynes's System by Robert Murphy

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