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Law and Economics

A Hayekian Case Against Anarcho-Capitalism: Of Street Grids, Lighthouses, and Aid to the Destitute by Ellickson

Alchian, Buchanan, & Coase: A Neglected Branch of Chicago Price Theory by Peter Boettke

Hayek, Leoni, and Law as the Fifth Factor of Production by Peter Boettke

Rule of Law, Development and Human Capabilities by J. Robert Subrick and Peter Boettke

...and the Pursuit of Happiness—Wellbeing and the Role of Government by Christian Bjornskov, Peter Beottke, Phillip Booth, Christopher Coyne, Marc De Vos, Paul Ormerod, Daniel Sacks, Pedro Schwartz, J. R. Shackleton, Chris Snowden, Betsey Stevenson, and Justin Wolfers

Knowledge, Economics and Coordination: Understanding Hayek’s Legal Theory by Christopher Coyne, Scott Beaulier, and Peter Boettke

Law and Economics: the Contributions of the Austrian School of Economics by Peter Boettke and Todd J. Zywicki

Land Grab: Takings, the Market Process, and Regime Uncertainty by Peter Boettke, Christopher Coyne, and Peter Leeson

A Note on Law, Property Rights , and Air Pollution by John R. Lott

The Property System in Austrian Economics: Ronald Coase's Contribution by J. Patrick Gunning

Chasing Phantoms in a Hollow Defense of Coase by Roy E. Cordato

Economic Calculation and the Organization of Markets by Ennio Piano, and Louis Rounaet

Austrian Economics and the Transaction Cost Approach to the Firm by Nicolai Foss and Peter Klein

A Theory of Economic Loss in the Law of Torts by Mario Rizzo

Law Amid Flux: The Economics of Negligence and Strict Liability in Tort by Mario Rizzo

Rules Versus Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Common Law by Mario Rizzo

Exploring the Complicationist Gambit: An Austrian Approach to the Economic Analysis of Law by Gregory Scott Crespi

Justice, Efficiency, and the Economic Analysis of Law: A Comment on Fried by Gerald P. O'Driscoll, Jr.

The Economics of Prohibition by Mark Thornton

Research Handbook on Austrian Law and Economics by Todd Zywicki, Peter Boettke

Pitfalls of the Classical School of Crime by Laurent Carnis

Austrian Law and Economics: the Contributions of Adolf Reinarch and Murray Rothbard on Law, Economics, and Praxeology by Walter Block

Private-Property Rights, Erroneous Interpretations, Morality, and Economics: Reply to Demsetz by Walter Block

Austrian Law and Economics and Efficiency in the Common Law by Todd Zywicki and Edward Stringham

A Critique of Law & Economics – An Austrian School Perspective by Tomasz Machelski

Praxeology as Law and Economics by Josef Sima

Praxeology, Economics, and Law: Issues and Implications by Larry Sechrest

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