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Environmental Economics

Climate Models for the Layman by Judith Curry


The Case Against the U.S. Carbon Tax by Robert Murphy, Patrick Michaels, and Paul Knappenberger

Using IPCC to Debunk UN Climate Agenda by Robert Murphy

Supporters Admit Wind and Solar Depend on the Tax Code by Robert Murphy

The Outrageous Cost of the Green New Deal by Robert Murphy

New IPCC Report Unwittingly Shows Weakness of Alarmist Camp by Robert Murphy

Politics vs Science at the IPCC by Robert Murphy

William Nordhaus vs the U.N. Climate Policy by Robert Murphy

The Tables Have Turned on "Uncertainty" and Climate Change Policy by Robert Murphy

Did the Federal Government Give Americans Clean Air by Robert Murphy

Off Target: The Economics Literature Does Not Support the 1.5°C Climate Ceiling by Robert Murphy and Ross McKitrick

Physicist in New York Times Admits Climate Change Might Be "Mere Annoyance" by Robert Murphy

Climate Models' Tendency to Simulate Too Much Warming and the IPCC's Attempt to Cover That Up by Paul Knappenberger and Patrick Michaels

Is "Consensus" in Climate Science Good or Bad? It Depends n What Year it is by Robert Murphy

Should We Trust Climate Models? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 by Robert Murphy

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